Community Amenities


Laurel Ridge will be a place of comfort, fulfillment and peaceful surroundings.  We know Laurel Ridge will be a great place for active senior adults in our community to call home. 

Great care will be taken to ensure the surrounding area’s natural beauty and rural landscapes are preserved and protected. This care and protection will preserve the area and provide benefits that neighbors, residents and the community can continue to enjoy in the future.


Below is a breakdown of some of the communitiy amenities as well as benefits to Novato at-large:




Close Proximity to Transit

The housing community will be in close proximity to transit, including buses and the SMART commuter rail station.  The ability of seniors to easily access public transportation was an integral factor in choosing the proposed site, and because of the accessibility of public transportation, the housing community should also generate significantly fewer vehicle trips compared to residents living in suburban single-family homes, a win-win for Laurel Ridge residents and those residing in surrounding neighborhoods.


Environmentally-Friendly Design

To ensure a light environmental footprint from the Laurel Ridge Senior Community, the community will utilize water-efficient appliances and drought-tolerant landscaping to conserve our scarce water resources.  Furthermore, Laurel Ridge will be built using green, sustainable building practices that emphasize energy-efficient designs and the use of recycled building materials.


Additional Parking

The Laurel Ridge Senior Community will have plentiful parking.  The number of parking spaces available will exceed the expected demand to provide residents and their guests with a place to park right on-site.  There will also be some private garages on-site available for residents' use.


Health & Wellness Opportunities

Residents at Laurel Ridge will have an array of amenities aimed at preserving seniors’ health and wellness.  Planned amenities include a pool, spa and activity center for residents to enjoy.  The community will also be pet-friendly, enabling seniors to bring their feline or canine companion to have by their side.


Active Senior Living

In order for senior communities to be vibrant and active, industry experts suggest communities of 100 or more apartments to optimize the opportunities for seniors to meet like-minded individuals, develop new friendships and foster an environment where seniors can interact with each other on-site and out in our community.

Typically, many of USA Properties' senior communities offer social services such as confidential case management and a wide variety of social activities, education, and services specifically designed to the interests and needs of its residents.  Activities may include monthly birthday parties, community meetings with guest speakers, holiday events, theme parties, exercise classes, hobby clubs, health and wellness training, choral groups, games and excursions.
Educational classes, such as financial literacy, health and nutrition, computer training, and wellness services such as counseling, financial assistance, mediation, emotional support, and crisis intervention programs may also be available based on the needs assessment of Laurel Ridge residents.

Community Benefits


Addressing the Shortage of Senior Housing in Novato

Laurel Ridge was conceived to address the shortage of active senior housing in Novato.  As the cost of living continues to rise and some elderly homeowners are more limited in caring for all the aspects of owning a home, such as cleaning and maintaining the yard and unneeded living space, those wanting to spend more time on themselves have few senior housing options in Novato. 


In 2010, senior-headed households represented approximately 26 percent of all Novato households, up from 20 percent in 2000. Of these senior households, 80 percent are homeowners and 20 percent are renters.


By 2035, the number of seniors aged 60 and over is projected to be 48% of the Marin population (Association of Bay Area Government Projections 2009). Consequently, the need for economical and specialized housing for senior residents is growing. Market-rate and below market-rate age-restricted rental developments will be crucial to meeting the needs of seniors. 


Currently, many seniors in Novato are “over-housed,” or living in a home far larger than they need or want. With appropriate housing options like Laurel Ridge, a significant number of seniors may be more likely to vacate their own homes for smaller apartment homes, increasing housing options for families.


Creating Jobs and a Stronger Economy

Laurel Ridge will provide numerous short-term construction jobs while providing several permanent jobs once opened to residents.  The housing community will also increase revenues to the City through increased property tax revenues, money that can be reinvested in our community in things such as roads, schools and parks.


Affordable housing & affordability component

Laurel Ridge seeks to provide an affordable alternative to the increasing cost of owning a home.  While 20% of the apartment homes planned will be reserved for low or very low income seniors, even the market-rate apartment homes are an affordable alternative compared to owning a home, providing wide appeal to seniors at all income levels.


Environmental enhancements

The Laurel Ridge Senior Housing Community strives to remain sensitive to the surrounding environment.  In addition to green building practices and water-saving measures in the building's design, the blueprints for Laurel Ridge calls for saving native habitats, including several heritage oak trees.  Furthermore, the developers plan to conduct wetland restoration work to provide native species with an improved, protected habitat for wildlife and plant life for generations to come.


Zoning is consistent with the City’s General Plan

Laurel Ridge has been designed to be consistent with Novato’s General Plan. The property is zoned for a Planned Development.


In Novato’s Housing Element, the City identified a need for senior housing, a demographic which is projected to increase relative to other age groups in coming years.  In addition, in order to provide opportunities for affordable housing at specified locations, the City has identified certain properties within an Affordable Housing Opportunity (“AHO”) Overlay Zone.


By 2022, Novato’s regional housing need will be 415 apartment homes with the following income breakdown: 111 apartment homes affordable to very low income households; 65 apartment homes affordable to low income households; 72 apartment homes affordable to moderate income households; and 167 apartment homes affordable to above moderate income households.

Important Updates

Please click here to review information on-file with the City of Novato regarding the Laurel Ridge Senior Housing Proposal.